Will turf prevent weeds?

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Will turf prevent weeds?

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In many cases when grass is tough to grow or a lawn is not strong and lush, weeds take root and overrun the area. Most people attempt a lawn replacement using new sod or grow new grass from seed prior to calling for a Synthetic lawn quotation. One of the first questions asked when we finally get the call is “will artificial turf get rid of the weeds?”. The answer to that question is not an easy one. Factors like what type of weed has populated the area currently and where the area is located play a big role in answering that question.

Weeds are a definite nuisance but have a superhuman ability to grow almost anywhere. Proper installation practices for artificial turf will at the very least reduce the weed intrusion to a manageable level (a fight you can win with some elbow grease and time) or at best get rid of them altogether.

Two of the recommendations we make when faced with weed growth are as follows:

  1. We recommend a deeper dig when disposing of the lawn to try and remove the root system of the weeds as well as the grass.
  2. We will also install a non-woven geotextile layer over the open soil. Geotextile is a builder fabric that is thicker and stronger than a regular landscape fabric but is still water permeable for drainage. It will form a protective layer below our base installation that will add stability to the install but also prevent any weeds still in the soil from growing up and through the perforation holes in the turf.

In order to further define the required installation practice for an area riddled with weed growth, we would need to visit the site and visually determine any further adjustments necessary to provide a lasting weed-free solution.


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