Is Artificial Turf Zero Maintenance

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Is Artificial Turf Zero Maintenance

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A common misconception when considering an artificial turf lawn replacement is that once the transformation is complete your beautiful new lawn will become 100% maintenance free.  Many uninformed turf “installers” will tell you “No Maintenance” over and over again in order to entice a sale but like anything else that sits outdoors in our climate year round there are a few maintenance requirements that will help keep the installation looking great for years to come.  An honest estimate is actually 90% Maintenance free.

Now 90% is a pretty good number but we only say 90% for the installations we execute.  Every year we are asked to review other company installations that have failed in less than a season.  No amount of home owner maintenance would stop the deterioration of a poorly installed application.  Could be the reason why they call it “Zero Maintenance”!!!

Simple but effective, keep it clean and monitor the perimeter.

The area must be kept clear of organic material and debris.  Leaves, soil, dog poop (if you have a pet) all need to be cleared from the area periodically but for certain prior to the winter in order to avoid decomposition into the turf fibers.  If build up of organics occurs there is a good chance you will have weed growth.  It won’t happen overnight but after years of build up this can occur…

The edge of any installation that contacts a soil based medium like a garden will need monitoring.  If there is growth of garden material through the turf perforation holes near the edge, they will need to be pulled out, just like a garden and real lawn scenario.

If weeds happen to take root then they should be pulled as soon as possible.


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