How is artificial turf installed?

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How is artificial turf installed?

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Artificial Turf Lawn Replacement 101

When replacing your lawn with artificial turf there are many factors that come into play, most importantly you should always choose the right team of professionals to execute the transformation. The installation team should be well versed in both landscape executions and artificial turf manipulation. Our crews have been trained in grading practices for residential and commercial spaces to ensure the water management of a turf installation creates the same if not better drainage than the original landscape. We are also well trained and deeply experienced in turf installation for all types of applications including play areas, structures, indoor and outdoor playing fields, daycares and backyard landscapes. As with all landscape installs, the majority of the work in artificial turf lawn replacement is in the preparation of the area.

The process includes:

Full removal and disposal of the organic layer whether it be weeds or grass to avoid regrowth and movement from decomposition.

A layer of Geotextile should be used over the open soil in order to create separation as well as stability for the turf base.

The base material will then be layered over the area, we use ¾ crush run at a depth of 3” and a setting bed of screenings to allow for a smooth install of the turf

Once the grade is set and compaction is sufficient, we will then roll out the turf, position and cut the seems and perimeter

Seeming tape and professional-grade glue are then used to bind the areas where two pieces of turf meet. This process is key to making a visually appealing installation.

Perimeter spikes and infill are then installed to make the area secure and stable.

We broom the entire area in order to settle the infill and raise the blades of the turf for a real lawn look that will last many years…


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